Current Programs

The Foundation has established programs at schools of engineering at various public universities. These programs have slightly different standards, selection processes, and numbers of students. Developed by Trustee Jane O’Neil, the award used by recipient institutions is to repay the federal need-based student loans of students graduating with an undergraduate degree in engineering, up to a maximum of $20,000 per student. By mid-2019, 140 students have graduated and qualified to have their subsidized student loans repaid.

In no case are awards made prior to sophomore standing.

EEC Opportunity Scholar Awards Summary

EEC Opportunity Scholar Awards Q and A

Selection of Opportunity Scholar Awardees

The Foundation does not select the Awardees. Schools use different procedures to identify students for whom they believe the award will make a critical difference in their ability to complete their undergraduate engineering degree. Most frequently, an official involved with under-represented students serves as point person in the selection process, working with others, such as student services personnel, faculty advisers, and financial aid staff, who know about students’ financial and academic circumstances, family backgrounds, and other relevant student characteristics. In other cases, a more formalized application process is used to identify potential recipients

The Foundation encourages the former approach. If applications are used, we hope they will provide relevant information to the individuals responsible for selecting Opportunity Scholar Awardees and that they are made available to a wide range of students who reflect the Foundation’s objectives without being burdensome to students.

We emphasize that the objective of the Opportunity Awards is make a difference in recipients’ ability to complete their undergraduate degree in engineering in a timely and productive fashion.

Loan Repayments

Schools have different procedures. —
¡ E.E. Carter (EEC) Scholar Awardee’s projected graduation date is celebrated.
¡ Then, the graduation credentialing is initiated by the College, and this may take 30-45 days for validation.
— EEC scholarship awards committee reviews graduation award(s).
— College of Engineering Associate Dean of Administration is contacted by the EEC committee chair with the names of the scholar awardee(s), and engagement with the University Financial Aid dept. is initiated to start the pay-out process of the award to the federal loan institution(s).
¡ The Associate Dean and financial aid officer validate the appropriate loan type and the source institution(s) to receive payment.
— Associate Dean, the Scholar, the financial aid officer and the financial institution are all on the same calls to complete the payout transaction.
¡ This transaction is targeted for completion within six months of the scholar’s graduation date.
¡ The Scholar must be on the call to close the transaction

Current institutional recipients (alphabetical by state) are:

    Arizona State University
    Northern Arizona University
    University of Arkansas
    Florida State University
    California State University, Fresno
    Colorado School of Mines
    University of Georgia
    University of Illinois, Chicago
    Northern Illinois University
    University of Kansas
    Kansas State University
    University of Massachusetts, Lowell
    Missouri University of Science and Technology
    New Mexico State University
    New Mexico Tech
    North Carolina State
    University of Oklahoma
    University of Texas at San Antonio
    Virginia Commonwealth University